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Lip Blush Specialist Liverpool

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment that enhances the natural shape of your lips, adds colour and can aid in correcting asymmetry, loss of colour, hyperpigmentation and cleft lips; giving you full, beautiful lips 24 hours a day. This is not like the old style of semi permanent make up. Thick, bold lip liners can look ageing, dated and unnatural. The lip blush treatment is about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume and adding a flush of colour to the lips.  The lip blush can be as natural or as dramatic as you would desire. After the treatment is done all you need to do is add a little gloss and you're good to go!

We offer specialists services in dark lip neutralisation and cleft lip restoration. Read below for more information and to view our instagram profile containing our portfolio!

We offer lip blush training for beginners and advanced artists as well as other forms of PMU training! Click the file below to download our training brochure ...

Because every lip is different in terms of colour, size, and form, every customer needs a customised treatment to achieve the best results for that individual. Not everyone is content with their lips' natural colour, and some people would like to have their lips' uneven tone or colour fixed. 


Darker lips or discoloration may result from melanin-rich skin, hyperpigmentation, traumas (ie. scaring due to coldsores), or skin conditions.  Our Melanin-Rich Lips Correction treatment may be needed before applying Gloss & Go Lip Blush to people with melanin-rich, hyperpigmented, or darker lips if there are any darker areas of the lips.

Dark Lip Neutralisation

Our dark lips neutralisation procedure is extremely specialised in both colour theory and colour selection. In this procedure, our skilled artists elevate the dark lips, neutralise any cooler tones, and balance out the natural darker skin tones within the lip using innovative lip blush procedures and a custom pigment blend made specifically for the client, no two mixes will ever be the same. 


Following this procedure, we can apply our signature blushing treatment to give the lips a complete blush of lovely colour, correct their form, and enhance fullness, volume, and definition once the required neutralisation results have been obtained. For optimum results 3-5 sessions may be necessary depending on the depth of natural pigment within the lip.


Cleft Lip Restoration

Lip blush tattooing combined with scar camouflaging is a phenomenal treatment which can completely transform the shape of a cleft lip. By creating an accurate predraw and implanting pigment under the dermal layer of the skin we are able to create a new shape to the cupids bow. We then assess wether the scars are significant enough to benefit from some scar camouflaging or dry tattooing. For scar camouflaging we look at the clients skin tone and match a pigment to their skin and tattoo sparingly where necessary.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiries on our lip blush services.


Q and A's

Does it hurt?

Most people rate the pain 3/10 it is totally bearable, more like a light scratch. It can be uncomfortable, however, any pain you experience is over pretty quickly as the machine moves quickly over the lip. The area will  also be numbed prior to starting the treatment. 

How long does it last?

Lip blush tattoo on average can last between 2-3 years. With life style factors, age, time and sun exposure the pigment can lighten and it may be necessary to have an annual touch up to bring the appearance back to its original standards. An annual top up is just 1 session and is £150.

Can you pick any colour?

We stock a wide range of colours to suit everyones needs.We take into consideration your preference, skin tone and lip undertone to help create the perfect shade for you.

Pricing / Cost

Standard lip blush first session - 



Standard lip blush 6-12 week top up - £50


3-10 month colour boost - £100


10-18 month colour boost - £175


Lip blush for dark lip neutralisation first session - £250 


Lip blush for dark lip neutralisation second session - £150


Lip blush for dark lip neutralisation 3+ sessions - £50


Dark lip 3-10 month colour boost - £120


Dark lip 10-18 month colour boost - £200


Lip blush for cleft lip restoration first session - £250


Lip blush for cleft lip restoration 6-12 week top up session - £70


Cleft lip 3-10 month colour boost - £100


Cleft lip 10-18 month colour boost - £150

All lip blush treatments are available on finance through PAYPAL credit.

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