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How to finance with Paypal Credit

All finance payments are handled by PayPal Credit / Paypal Pay In 3. 

To finance any of our courses or lip blush services please select the FINANCE PLAN option on the desired service, check out with PayPal (set up an account if you don't already have one) and then select the Paypal pay in 3 option or Paypal credit option.


Paypal pay in 3 - This will allow you to make 3 interest free payments over 3 months and will automatically be taken out of your account.

Paypal credit - interest free for 4 months no initial payment needed, however this is similar to a credit card service where you must remember to make the payments yourself.

Click below for more information directly from the Paypal website:


 Please remember Lauren Heames does not handle any finance plans. Any issues with any finance plan, interest incurred or missed payments is handled by Paypal.

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